Girl answers a pizza delivery nude at the door

A fit babe wears only a tight white t-shirt as she sets up her hidden camera to point at the door for when she gets her pizza delivery. The delivery guy probably can’t believe his luck as her ass is on display when she turns around to get her money. The pizza delivery man helpfully holds open the door for her, no doubt so that he could peek at her ass without worrying about being caught as she turns away from him. Which is exactly what she wants! He may even get a sight of her pussy too when she bends over, it’s hard to tell.

So she isn’t fully nude, but that makes it more erotic I reckon. Much more like a pizza oops video or some accidental nudity instead of a full on naked dare. The delivery guy probably had no idea he was being set up because she played it well, although he looks kinda embarrassed at the end. This naughty girl is something of an exhibitionist!

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